Rebirth of spoiled crown Princess Ch 104


Chapte104: Vomiting blood in angry.

An Qingran gave Hong momo a reminder. Hong Momo took advantage of the emptiness of nobody and whispered, “Furen, do you know why these guests left? But something shameful has happened!”

An Zhongtao just heard him. He turned around and said, “What on earth happened?”

Mother Hong also deliberately let him hear, so she patted her thighs, a face of emotion:” ” Second Miss and Kang Wang, In the Wangyue building… Meet in the Wangyue building and do a disgraceful thing… It’s nothing, but they were bumps in by everybody. They can see clearly. So these guests rushed to leave. Maybe they were afraid of embarrassment.”

An Zhongtao heard this his eyesbrows raised. Without saying a word, he went to the Wangyue building. Lian Jinyu did not expect such a thing to happen. She looked at Hong Momo and said, “How could this happen?”

Hong Momo shook her head: “The old slave really does not know. Today there are so many people and didn’t see how Second Miss left. Don’t know why the second wife deliberately took people and rush to the Wangyue building. If she did not go, everyone would not know about it. Even if it is done, it will not be passed on. It is a shame to throw it at home…”

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Lian Jinyu could not believe this say: “How old is she…”

Hong Momo also doubted How could she have such a heart when she was so old?
By the time they arrived at the Wangyue building, Kang Wang was well dressed, but his jade belt was torn apart by An Yanran and could not be buckle up for a while.

And Lian Jinrong was almost mad. She didn’t know how to face such a thing. She picked up her clothes and put them on her daughter.And the mess in bed made her understand that her daughter was not finished.and so humiliation.She died in her heart, too, fearing that An Yanran could not stand the grievance.She believed that her daughter would not be so confused. It was clearly designed plan. That to harm An Qingran. How could it become her?
What happened during this period?

Although Yanran and Kang Wang have achieved good deeds . She can enter the Kangwangfu, but this kind of marriage without a matchmaker(a right and legal marriage) can only be a concubine, cannot become legal wife!

Even if An Yanran disagrees, this has happened. Which family will come to marry her? She never wanted to look up in her whole life. God, her own plan come to calculate to remove. She just wanted her daughter to get rid of the shadow of Shu female and sit in position of legal wife in bright. She is enough to suffer from misery of being concubine and she does not want to let the tragedy repeat on her daughter. But how can she not think that people are inferior to the heavens. Is their mother and daughter cursed?

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And after her daughter married, her children were born in the same way, and could not get rid of such a fate. What should we do?

Lian Jinrong now hates to death for a while, grits her teeth for a while and thinks about it. There is only one possibility. An Qingran didn’t come out early or late and finally comes out at last minute. Looking at her appearance that, Mystifying. There must be no good water in her mouth.

So,As she dressed An Yanran, she hated to think how it would end today.

“How could you…” Lian Jinrong looked at the Dongfang Ye and did not know what to say for a while.

She knows this thing clearly that is why that Kang Wang is not responsible for this. But he is so big and An Yanran is so small. Doesn’t he need be responsible?

Kang Wang finally tied up the belt. He looked at Lian Jinrong. There was no embarrassment on his face. Instead, he looked gloomy and said, “My aunt has a good plan!”

Lian Jinrong didn’t understand. She thought he knew what their mother and daughter were doing to An Qingran. She couldn’t help saying, “What’s a good plan?”

Dongfang Ye just gave a cold hum and left angrily with a flick of its sleeve.

Of course, he was angry. At first, when he saw An Yanran in that state, he knew it was wrong. But he just thought that she loved him for a long time, so he didn’t think too much about it. As a result, he is now notorious. He originally very values his reputation. Contrast to Crown Prince Dongfang Jin.Everything he did was secretly. No one knows. It was a good moment. His fame was destroyed in their hands. At first,He didn’t understand it. Now he knows it all. He knows everything from his aunt’s personally arrest of adultery.

He planted himself in the hands of their mothers and daughters!

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Dongfang Ye just by himself get calculated, against Lian Jinrong he complained.Lian Jinrong watched him leave the room and realized . She could not help but say, “Ye ‘er, it’s not what you think!”

At this moment, Dongfang Ye is angry and ashamed where can hear people saying. So, he left quickly. When he met An zhongtao and Lian Jinyu at the gate of the courtyard. He didn’t even say hello and went straight away humming.

An Zhongtao’s mind was blank at the moment. Even when Kang Wang walked over, he did not respond. He just felt something wrong. When his figure disappeared, he remembered what Hong Momo had said. This Kang Wang is victim. Why did he run away without telling him?

It’s too late to call again.

He stepped quickly into the room, looked at everything in the room, and said in a cold voice, “What happened in the end?”

Lian Jinrong was busy working on her daughter. She was frightened to hear An Zhongtao’s cold voice. She immediately stood up and said, “I don’t know what happened. Now Yanran fainted and the Ye ‘er ran away. Really, how could this happen?”

She forbore her anger and pretended to be infinitely grieving. “Zhongtao, our daughter has had such a thing. What can you do? How can she meet people?”

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“She meets people? She wants to meet people? I ,An Zhongtao don’t have such a daughter !” An Zhongtao’s eyes were wide open.
Lian Jinrong immediately said softly, “General, don’t know what had happened yet. Maybe Yanran was also wronged. Let’s say that again and let her not live…”

“Don’t know what happened? Come on, invite a doctor to come. Anyway, this person is also lost. I shall ask her what she had in mind for a day. At such a young age, she didn’t learn well. Besides framing her sister, she was with others……”

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The following words, he did not say, anyway, she is also his daughter. Because of this, he was even more angry.

An Yanran was pretending to be faint. When she heard that her father was still looking for a doctor, it seems she couldn’t hide herself. She coughed a few times and woke up quietly. When she saw her mother, she began to cry. But the more she cried, the louder she sounded, as if she had been wronged by heaven.

“You still have the face to cry. Don’t you know what you’ve done? Early know today, why have to start! ” An Zhongtao said in a towering rage.

Lian Jinyu finally opened her mouth: “Zhongtao, things have not been ascertained, Yanran is a sensible child, will never be so confused. There must be an articles in it!”

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  1. Lian Jinyu, you’re too nice and too naive. Please don’t harm your daughter just because you don’t see clear.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. Ma’am, there’s a time and place to put on a halo; in Your Own Home, where You’re Constantly schemed Against, by Your Own Sister… Is definitely not it.

    Thank you for the chapter update! 👍👍👍


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