Rebirth of spoiled crown Princess Ch 105

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Chapter 105 cry out a grievance

     Lian Jinyu would never have thought of the twists and turns in it. If she had known the truth, she would not have been so calm to persuade others. Fearing that she would have been angry with their mother and daughter.

    “Yanran, what exactly happened? Why are you here?” Lian Jinrong dying in anxiety, but some words could not be said in front of these people. She really wanted to know what had happened.

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    An Qingran is also follow coming here now. She stood quietly behind the people, looking at everything in front of her, her eyes were cold.

  This is nothing compared to the pain they inflicted on her in the previous life.

    Speaking of it, she added a little force to what must have happened. 

    An Yanran shook her head: “Mother, I’m just confused, I don’t know what happened…”

    “You don’t know? Don’t let me use the family law!” An Zhongtao is really mad! 

    Lian Jinyu sighed: “This happened already,  General’s should not ruin their bodies!” 

    I don’t have any face. What’s the use of my body?

    Lian Jinyu was speechless. 

    This General has good reputation, but does not want to see what happened today to let him see people! 

    Even with myself, there is no light on his face. 


    she sighed faintly. 

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    An Yanran sat there straight, just crying, crying and fainting, even when Lian Jinrong asked about it softly, she just shook her head. At this moment, the old lady sent people to let them all pass. 

    An Zhongtao was a bit dumbfounded, but he had no choice but to let people pass.

It turned out that the old Furen saw the guests leaving, she was suspicious in her heart. Sent people quietly to inquire about it, only to hear the things of Wangyue building and learn about back from the maid returned. Old Furen was so angry that she almost lost her breath. Everything is so beautiful today. Perfect. how did such a thing happened? Where does this make her old face go and still talks about it here! She also boast that her three granddaughters are first-class people. Don’t know which family would they deserve in the future. This is good, it’s a indeed retribution! 

When the people came over, The old Furen was coughing all the time, Miner was beating her back behind her, but her heart was in a state of panic. Isn’t it related to herself? The second Miss won’t give themselves up! If it comes out, what can I do?

Thinking, she’s distracted, one punch hit the wrong side. Old Furen is angry: “You are also lost, clumsy, what’s the use of raising you?”

An zhongyuan’s wife, Chu Shi, has been accompanying the old Furen and has been busy coming forward: “Mother, I’ll rub your back…”

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Speaking, caressing gently, the old lady’s breathing soon got smooth and she sat up straight. At that time, An Ranyue was also there. Orientally, she went to the courtyard and secretly watched Dongfang Yan. How did she feel good about it? She was crazy about it, but she was afraid that people would see the end of it. She pretended to look at flowers intentionally.

    That Dongfang Yan in the palace is not noticeable. But in the folk gatherings, he is also a Wang ye. Naturally some people would like to praise him. So, he seems to have a very good conversation. In the eyes of An Ranyue, it’s high spirits. She doesn’t know anything so she what’s going on here.

    As soon as she came back, she heard that she was almost frightened and jumped wildly. To think of An Yanran is really bold, but then she thought of Dongfang Yan. If he were, would he like it?

    Fear is also affirmative. so ,she was somewhat disapproving of An Yanran’s affairs.

    But when she saw her grandmother getting so angry, she is waiting for a good show.

    When they first came to the General’s Fu, such a big thing happened. Obviously, they may not be strict in governing the General’s Fu usually. Their fame is passed on to people who don’t know it!

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    Immediately,  thought of my mother’s words. Sooner or later, General Fu will be theirs. She is more proud in heart. The bigger the noise, the better!

    An Yanran cried her eyes into a ball. It seems really pitiful. The old Furen looked at her and her eyes were angry. “Say, what the hell is going on? You people want to give me welcome dinner or do you want me to die early?”

    An Zhongtao knelt on the ground at once when he heard the words: “It’s all the son’s fault. It’s his son’s not strict at teaching. Mother must not be angry. If  gets angry and health affected, son more thousand death can’t die…”

    Seeing him kneeling down, Lian Jinyu, Lian Jinrong and An Qingran also knelt down. An Qingran waited to see a good play. She just didn’t think that it would affect her parents. But think about it, even if it’s so cumbersome, it’s better than don’t know that they’ve been harmed.

  When the Old Furen saw them kneeling down, she was more comfortable. She drank a cup of tea.  Chu Shi wanted to retire. She felt that the eldest brother-in-law’s family had knelt on the ground and that she was here is not good.

    But as if her fists were beating comfortably, the old Furen asked her to continue and she stood behind her. Looking at that family on the ground, her heart was secretly happy.

  “Talk about it, what is going on?”  The old Furen stared at An Yanran. “You are a little family girl, why are you so anxious?Can’t you get married or what?”

An Yanran heard the words and blushed. She is person who value face very important. She did not know what to do when she thought about what happened today. Grandmother said that again, so she burst into tears again. Just now, she thought about it all ways. She knew that it was not so simple. If she hadn’t drunk the medicine, how could she be so uncontrolled and shameless?

 The more An Yanran wanted to be wronged, the more tears flowed. “Grandmother, listen to granddaughter, I am not a shameless person. If I really had something wrong, I would not have chosen such a day. So many people there know someone eyes will see… Whoo, Grandma, your old person has a bright heart. Today, granddaughter is framed. Grandma is also invited to make decisions for me……………….”

Saying while crying, lying on the ground, The back fluctuates sharply, which is really Impossible to be fake.

Lian Jinrong also said, “Mother, I know this child Yanran best. She will never do such a thing even if she is confused. Moreover that Kang Wang have always likes Yanran. Yanran is still young. She can’t be in a hurry at this time. She can’t be the legal wife without a clean matching. She unlikely  not understand this reason…”

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Lian Jinyu didn’t open her mouth. Because she really couldn’t say that this Kang Wang is Lian Jinrong’s related nephew. Deep and shallow, they are their own people, but she is outsiders.

    Of course, An Zhongtao hoped that An Yanran could say what he believed, so he waited.

The old Furen heard the words and said in surprise, “frame? Who set you up? How to frame up, you tell me, I give you the support, this is really amazing, what kind of people dare to run rampant in the General’s Mansion but also do not put the law of the king in mind!”

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