Rebirth of spoiled crown Princess Ch 110


Chapter 110 Cefei

For three days, there was silence in the General’s Fu. An Yanran Remain within doors.

Lian Jinrong, who had already handed over her power, just only sent a matter of routine greetings to the old lady and Lian Jinyu and there was no other action.

Everyone knows.
They are waiting for the news of Kang Wang.

Yes, An Zhongtao should have met with the Emperor immediately. But considering Kang Wang’s friendship with the General’s Fu. He felt that this matter had to be discussed with them first.

An Zhongtao can’t go directly to Shu guifei. And this matter, because it involves Lian Jinrong’s cousin, Lian Jinyu does not want to come out!

Therefore, it has been delayed.

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An Yanran was in her own yard, her heart is so anxious. An Ranyue came to visit her. As soon as she entered the room, she put the cake on the table: “Yanran, why don’t you come out of the room?Let me say, at this time, you can’t be self-contemptuous….”

“Who said I am self-contemptuous?” An Yanran sat up straight with a smile. “I’m just relaxing myself. Besides, something like that happened.Speaking of it, it’s a mixture of good and bad. It’s not all bad. Besides, I’m also calculated. It’s not that I’m not ashamed. How can I be self-contemptuous?”

An Ranyue was blocked to silence. She felt that I deserved it. How could she come here to see her bad face and listen to her nonsense?

She just broke her teeth and swallowed them in her stomach!

TN note: it’s idiom for how she is blocked of words. She came to see yanran suffer.

An Ranyue just laughed, “Then I am worry excessive. Since yanran thinks open minded* about it, I’m waiting for your good news!”

TN note: looking at the bright side of problem.

An Yanran smiled and said, “Can you think about it? Ha ha, how can you not think about it? It’s true that I would be sad if something like this happened. But you don’t want to think, who am I. I won’t do those silly things.I want to do well.It’s enough to be framed and not know how to fight back. How can I let the person behind that proud again?”

“What do you say… Is it true what you said that day? Did you get your tea replaced?” An Ranyue was astonished and said, “Is it really An Qingran? How could she be so vicious?”

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An Yanran did not deny it, but only sneered: “Since ancient times, the people who attract envy, is it me, but I simply believe in people, so it would be such a disaster.”

“If this trust is also a mistake, then does not know what to do with world. At least I do not know. Two days ago, I chatted with her. Didn’t see anything special about her.Just treat people cold enough, let me unconsciously close to you jiejie. It seems that we are still the same kind of people… That General’s Fu eldest Di daughter is beyond our reach.” An Ranyue sighed.

An Yanran was quite satisfied with her remark.

After all, she came to see her jokes when she talked a lot. Fortunately, she knew that no matter how big things happened to her, it would be no good for her. Everyone would always hide behind the glory of Di daughter later.

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Let talk about Dongfang Jin.

He heard about Kang Wang’s things in the palace and felt very strange. On that day, he chatted with An Qingran in the Wangfeng building. Just said few words. An Qingran suddenly said something else and left.

He looked at her back then and stayed for a while. She was the one who let him come. Now, she is the one who left him behind. What’s the urgent matter for her?

But for An Qingran, he always feels that this little girl is very deep. Maybe she has her own plan for everything she does, so he just doubted for a moment and left early.

So he didn’t see the good play behind.

Although he didn’t know what had happened, but he always felt something wrong with this matter. For Kang Wang, he was even more inconceivable. He is not a hungry man who has no choice but to eat. In his impression, although he is not too low-key, he was also very cautious. How could he make mistakes in front of so many people?

What must have happened!
So, this made him interested and secretly sent someone to investigate the whole process.

Soon, he received the news. It turned out that on that day, he and An Qingran were almost calculated!

If it hadn’t been for An Qingran’s early discovery, it would have been him and An Qingran who had been caught in adultery by Lian Jinrong that day.

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Think of here, he can not help but have shiver. If he and An Qingran were captured then his position as crown Prince would be criticized. if the ministers spoke, then Fu Huang would be embarrassed. Maybe he would have disgusted with me. Of course, he was also have popular names outside. But father knew about himself. Moreover all of them were baseless accusations. Fu Huang refuted those officials more than once. But this time, if they were caught, the Fu Huang could not distinguish for himself, but also can’t do anything…

Although Fu Huang knew that he not yet withdrawn from world affairs even if meet people could cause trouble. Moreover understood that his actions were only superficial. He’s just letting people relax and he( DFJIN) been investigating in the dark.The last assassination matter made Fu Huang look at him differently. Knowing that what he did was appropriate also made him feel more distressed about himself. Therefore, to destroy him in this way is absolutely a dangerous and effective way!

Dongfang Jin was more angry and also more shocked . He did not know who was responsible for the plot.Now it seems that Kang Wang had something to do with it. Maybe there was something wrong with that link. Otherwise, how could he and An Yanran be arrested?

Is it An Yanran or Kang Wang?

No matter who it is, now An Yanran will surely be married by Kang Wang. They are his common enemies!

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He believed that Kang Wang would never be innocent. After he (DFJin) returned to the palace from Yuehua Temple. Kang Wang courted An Qingran several times. Don’t think he didn’t know. He just ignored him at that time.

Dongfang Jin thinking about it and felt that he would not let this matter go, even if moved him, Still dare to move An Qingran!

Think of this, he was stunned for a moment. Is An Qingran really more important than himself?

Remembering that stubborn little girl, he pulled the corners of his lips and laughed beautifully.

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AnFu finally welcome the Majesty’s imperial decree. Because of Kang Wang’s request, Emperor gave An Yanran to be his side concubine(Cefei). But only after she reached the marriage age, she is to marry Kang Wang.

An Yanran’s face changed a few times when she heard the news. She was really prepared in her heart knowing that she can’t become Kang Wang’s legal wife. But she didn’t think that when she really heard the news, she could not help being mad. She hated Kang Wang’s ruthlessness and hate the An Qingran’s cunning. She must be satisfied now. She (AYR)had fallen into such a situation, but there is no way to complain!

Kang Wangfu sent a bride gift but not rich. An Zhongtao knows that he is unfavorable situation but only hates his wife and daughter. He is not stupid. Coupled with the facts of Lian Jinyu’s analysis, let him find out Lian Jinrong mother and daughter’s conspiracy. But he also has no evidence, plus, this is a family scandal. There is no way to say. But for their mother and daughter’s heart, it was cold.

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  1. The crown prince is angry that Qingran was schemed upon . But he doesn’t know who did it…Yanran or Kang Wang??yanran is holding to her lies and will become the ceifei of Wang Fu as bride to Kang Wang


  2. An Yanran, why are you unhappy? This could have been worse for you. He could have refused to marry you. Don’t forget you’re the one who was plotting.


  3. I’m lost with this An Zhongtao, not sure what part of him An Qingran thinks is a good father. First he ignores Qingran and her mother for years, then the minute he gets disappointed with Yanran, he acts all “I didn’t know she was like this.” What was he doing other than sleeping with these women? It definitely wasn’t being a father…


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