Rebirth of spoiled crown Princess Ch 111

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Chapter 111: Probe

When An Old Furen heard the news, she only sneered twice and said nothing.

Anyway, all over Anfu, there has been a surge of undercurrents. But on the surface it is still calm, and nobody wants to mention it again.

Lian Jinrong and An Yanran sat opposite each other and the mother and daughter were silent for a while. At last, An Yanran opened her mouth and said, “My cousin did not come in person to send the bride gift. I think it was because he is anger on us. Maybe my words have also been passed to Kang Wangfu….”

Lian Jinrong woke up after listening to it: “No wonder, blame me. I should go to the door and explain this matter to them personally. It’s my mistake that I didn’t clarify the misunderstanding before Ye’er left. In the letter, I think I have made it clear…”

“You sent a letter to Shu Guifei, but you mentioned the truth of the matter?”

“Of course, this thing was all done by An Qingran. I certainly told the truth!” Lian Jinrong was pale in anger.

After that incident, she wrote a letter directly to Shu Guifei, in which she said that An Yanran was also victim. Kang Wang misunderstood their mother and daughter. On that day, An Yanran was originally to receive the female guests together with Qingran. When the two people drank tea, An Yanran had an enjoyable talking with An Qingran. Then she received a note written by Kang Wang asking her to meet in the Wangfeng Building. She also attached the note back to the letter. Also said that An yanran never made an appointment with Dongfang Ye. The note he received was written by someone else.As can be seen from the handwriting, if they want to know the truth of the matter. An Yanran would only push the matter to Kang Wang’s head when she was young and frightened. She regretted it long ago. Don’t blame their mother and daughter and so on.

When Shu Guifei received the letter, she read it carefully and asked Kang Wang to take out the note he had received. Where did she expect that Kang Wang had torn it up and lost it?

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So, it doesn’t prove what they say.

But in the end it is a confession.

After receiving that letter, Shu Guifei thought a lot. She was half-convinced about what they said about An Qingran. If Lian Jinrong said that it was Lian Jinyu’s fault, she could believe it completely. After all, An Qingran is only a child. How much ability could she have?

How could she possibly have such a careful mind?

When she was in the General’s Fu, she did not fail to see her. It seemed that she was just a dignified young lady from respectable family. At that time, when she looked at her, she felt more and more calm and lovely. It was just right for her to be her daughter-in-law.

But who knows that such a big change has suddenly happened, how could she frame An Yanran?

Why would she frame her meimei?

Evidently, if she had done this thing, then it proves that she has no interest in Kang Wang!

Whether she likes or dislikes Kang Wang, by any means don’t like the crown Prince then it’s good!

She had heard about what happened before. At Yuehua temple , An Qingran spent so long with crown Prince and didn’t know whether they have contacted each other. If so what did she’s mean by this? Does this crown Prince’s idea?

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The more Shu Guifei thought about it, the less she was interested in Lian Jinrong’s mother and daughter things. An Yanran want to enter Kang Wangfu then let enter. As for An Qingran, She had some other ideas.

As a result, she declared An Qingran to enter the palace.

Lian Jinrong’s heart was very complicated when she heard about it. She said to An Yanran that it was probably Shu Guifei believed their words, so maybe to avenge for them.

An Qingran was shocked when she heard Shu Guifei inviting her to go.

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This is what she didn’t expect.

Lian Jinyu is also feels strange. That Kang Wang gave An Yanran a bridal gifts. Why do come to invite An Qingran?

Now, it’s troubled times, she was suspicious and wanted to accompany her to the Imperial palace.

An Qingran thought for a moment: “Mother, I didn’t do anything wrong. She called me. I am going. I have to look at what she wants to say. I think not because of anything else, probably Kang Wang and An Yanran’s thing. An Yanran framed me and surely Shu Guifei also knows…”

“It’s not a big deal. How can you do it alone?”

“Alone is good!” An Qingran smiled. “Let them see what great things I can do for a child?”

She laughed at herself.

Lian Jinyu did not rest assured. She accompanied her all the way to the outside of the imperial city, where she waited outside and allowed An Qingran to go in by herself.

When An Qingran saw Shu Guifei. She was drinking tea and and there were several small cakes on the table which looked very delicate.

Seeing her come in, she smiled and waved, “Come and sit down, there’s no need to salute…”

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An Qingran still got up after giving the ceremony and sat down next to the chair. “Niangniang didn’t know what to tell to invite courtier into the palace?”

TN note: polite way calling Imperial concubine. She say herself courtier.

Shu Guifei did not speak. First she moved her things in front of her and said with a smile, “Come on, taste it!”

An Qingran symbolically pinched a piece and put it in her mouth.

Shu Guifei slouched lazily on her couch with a slight smile on her face. She looked both dignified and kind.

It’s a very kind and beautiful woman.

Finally she opened her mouth: “Everyone knows that the Eldest Miss in the General’s Fu is dignified and quiet. In this way, the more outstanding her temperament is, the less ordinary people are!”

Hearing this ,An Qingran is stunned for a while. What is this?

Can not help but say: “That is everyone’s love…”

“I think what everyone saying makes sense. Privately, I’m thinking that if you could come into our Kang Wang Fu, it would be a blessing for the Ye’er!” Shu Guifei laughed sincerely, as if she really liked An Qingran.

An Qingran hears the words and trembles in her heart!

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She enters Kang Wangfu?

Yes, hasn’t she entered. That is indeed the blessing of Dongfang Ye. For herself, it is a disaster!

Looking at Shu Guifei’s familiar face, the anger that she deliberately suppressed in her heart continued to rise. In her previous life, in front of her pretend to be a good person. In the back, twisted as a rope with Lian Jinrong’s mother and daughter. Still Don’t I know that?

Therefore, she laughed and changed the topic: “It’s a good thing that Kang Wang wants to marry Yanran meimei, but not yet congratulations!”

Listening to her talking about Yanran, Shu Guifei’s face is not very good, she sighed:”Speaking of this matter, we all know that, naturally not afraid that you laugh. Yanran,although she’s also good-looking. But in the final analysis, she and the Ye’er things are seen by all people and made into laughing stock. Let us have no face in outside. I can not imagine that she can be able to do such a thing, but she is unrighteous. Our Kang Wangfu can’t be unreasonable. We have to bear the responsibility of the Ye’er doings !But I also talked to Ye’er in private. Qingran, You are the best person for us. I don’t know what you think about it?”

An Qingran was amazed. She never expected Shu Guifei to talk directly with her about this matter, and it was not long before An Yanran was chosen.

Where do they really think I am good, they just think that General’s Fu is good for them!

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  1. I didn’t expect Shu Guifei to directly propose to An Qingran. Her and Yanran being sisters and married to the same man aside, isn’t it too soon when they’ve just received the edict?
    Crown Prince, I reckon you should get engaged to her asap, lest you lose your bride.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. So they are trying to recreate the same misery that the girl’s mothers have been living with. Two sisters married to the same man. Can’t they see it is a formula for disaster?


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