Rebirth of spoiled crown Princess Ch 112


Chapter 112: Helping her around.

My father is more useful to them than myself.

She was stunned and said gently, “Such things are all the orders of parents and matchmaker’s words. Where is my turn to decide?”

“Well, this is a good child who knows etiquette and courtesy!” Shu Guifei smiled and said, “Speaking of it, you and Yanran are sisters and I am her relative aunt. Our relationship is not far, isn’t it?Otherwise, this betrothal matter it must be the order of parents and the words of matchmakers. And for you,we don’t want to be wronged. So I’m just calling for you. If you agree, that’s a good thing….”

An Qingran saw that she had been asking this question again and again. It really made her dizzy. Didn’t she just refuse it tactfully? Did she really straight-out tell her . Although the grievances of the past life have not been solved. She is just as happy as gratitude coupled with duty to avenge hatred. But the time is not ripe and she does not have the ability to do herself. She does not want to put her parents in danger!

So, she smiled and said: “This..”

Shu Guifei actually understands her expression, she does not like Ye’er.

That made her angry.

She actually thought about it before, how old is she? Can able to do such a thing. Now looking at her, her expression made her heart vigilant. Why this girl makes her feel haunted. She seems to be able to see through the heart!

Thinking of this, she said: “There is one more thing, I called you to come. Just want to ask if the rumors are true or false…”

Hearing this, An Qingran was surprised to find that in front Shu Guifei who was just smiling, now She faintly reveals a ruthlessness.

” Don’t know what rumors does Niangniang speaking?” An Qingran’s heart beats fast in nervously.

“There is someone outside saying, Ye’er and your meimei Yanran’s awkward things are very strange. The two children are not frivolous, how can they do such shameless things? Even more gossiping that this thing, the two are framed. That notes have passed. If the note can be found, it will solve all the guesses. I ask you to come. I just want you to remember. On that day, where you went after leaving the main hall? But any strange things have you seen? Besides, rumors say that this matter is related to you. I don’t believe it. Let me ask you personally. Or, you can go back and help me to bring out the Yanran’s words for me to see. Speaking of words, I always hear that your words are well written. In a moment, I’ll have people prepare paper and ink. How about writing a couplet for me…?” Shu Guifei did not intend to ask this matter so uncertainly. After all, if it were to be spread out, it would not be good to her and Ye’er. Besides, the relationship with the General’s Fu would be even more stiff.

But don’t know why, looking at he appearance, she can hardly retain her composure!

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She also did not know that An Qingran was shocked to hear this topic. She did not think that Shu Guifei should have made a public. Although she did not say it frankly, she was not silly. She was stunned for a moment. She realized that she was only using a soft knife at first, but now she really wanted to tidy up herself.

If she really wrote it, she would not write in the same font, and then she (SGF)would come up with other ideas.

If she does not write now, she will be even more suspicious. but she is completely enemies with her.

Shu Guifei has been looking at An Qingran’s expression, she only waits for her reply!

Now that she was silent, she felt a certain affirmation that it really had something to do with her.

An Qingran suddenly smiled: ” Niangniang praise the ugly character of the Chen nu really let the Chen nu really flattering. But if Chen nu doesn’t write it, Niangniang won’t think that Chen nu is one who pass the note?”

TN note: Chen nu is female subject.

She laughs brilliantly and her eyes are clear, so she can write, and she won’t let Shu Guifei get what she wants so easily.

“How can you say that? I’m just asking you to help me write a character, which arouses your other thoughts…” Shu Guifei did not relax, with a strange smile on her face, has been looking at her.

An Qingran was ready to write this time. If she doesn’t write now, she can’t get out of the palace right?

At this moment, suddenly a little palace lady came in: “Niangniang, the Empress maiden knows that An Xiaojie is in the palace and now asks her to go to the Feng Palace!”

Shu Guifei and An Qingran both are stunned. Both of them wish to understand what is going on.

An Qingran is relieved.

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Since it is Empress is calling, Shu Guifei is uncomfortable in heart but dare not delay it. She say to An Qingran: “It seems that I can’t see your calligraphy today. When I have time, I will invite you again into the palace. we will have good chat.”

“Yes, Chen nu obeyed!” An Qingran previously thought that this Shu Guifei’s looking and she wanted to come. She also had no power to seek, and she went directly to herself.

Want to take her handwriting, is there one or two ways?

Besides, when she wrote, can she not think of this?

That handwriting can not be recognized even by the Emperor.

An Qingran thought while walking. However,in the end she’s grateful for Empress for saving herself from the tiger’s mouth. But she feels weird that she had never been in contact with the Empress. How did she know that she came to the palace? What does she mean by finding her?

She has been following the little palace girl and walking quietly.

Only turned a corner, she saw a slender figure on the side wall of the Fenggong Palace telling people what to do.See her coming over and turned around, but it is the crown Prince Dongfang Jin.

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An Qingran doesn’t want to see him any more than she do now.

Speaking of it, in the palace, only he is her own savior.

He doesn’t say whether he is a group with her, but they have old friendships!

She smiled as if she had seen an old friend.

Dongfang Jin came over looking pale: “It turned out to be An Xiaojie!”

“I have seen the crown Prince!” An Qingran knows that under such a cold appearance, he has a fragile but upright heart.

So, she doesn’t care what attitude he is speaking to her. Not to mention In the palace, everyone is hiding their real thoughts. Let alone crown Prince, everyone is staring at his position!

“An Xiaojie take care. This Crown Prince still has something to do!” Dongfang Jin said and left. An Qingran stood there stunned for while then laughed!

That is Dongfang Jin.

He doesn’t want anyone to see him interacting with her too much!

Since she came back from the Yuehua Temple, Dongfang Jin has not been to the General’s Fu. He used to visit occasionally with Lian MuHan. If she is not oversensitive, he is deliberately hiding from her.

As for why, although she is not very clear in her heart, it is definitely not a bad thing.

She laughed bitterly at herself when she thought of it. When did she become a knowledgeable of the Dongfang Jin?

She continued to follow the little palace maid to leave. But she did not know that she just left, Dongfang Jin turned back and looked at her back. This little girl does not know? That Shu Guifei mother and son have been eyeing her.

That’s all he can do for her.

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