Rebirth of spoiled crown Princess Ch 114

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Chapter 114 : Complaining

In fact, she also wanted to ask and finally she thought to herself and asked: “ Qingran, mother ask you something. Is this Yanran’s affair has something to do with you?”

An Qingran sighed in her heart that her mother really asked her. If in past, she would never thought about it and she would have felt that she had not done it herself. But now, she could ask. Obviously, some of her recent actions, which made her mother doubtful.

She didn’t know whether to tell her mother or not. She didn’t want to lie, but she didn’t want her mother to know about it. So she laughed and said, “What does her mother think?”

Lian Jinyu looked at her and suddenly laughed, “My mother believes you…”

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An Qingran breathed a sigh of relief. She doesn’t know what her mother’s “believe” means, but it is best for them not to continue this topic.

When they returned to the mansion, An Qingran’s face is as plain as water.

Both Lian jinrong mother and daughter after looking for long time they didn’t see any clue. Also It’s embarrassing to ask directly. They’re just stuck in the courtyard and guessing.

An Yanran went to see An Ranyue. The old lady was chatting with everyone in the room. Qiudi and Banxia were with her. When An Yanran saw them she also paid respect to them. It was not the same when she met them in private. The two concubines knew that the second young lady was not an idle person. They didn’t dare to offend, but they didn’t want to talk to each other.

When An Ranyue saw her coming, she hurried up and said, “Why are you here?”

“Well, come to pay respect to Grandma and also find you for something by the way!”

The old lady has no feelings for this granddaughter, but she also smiled and said, “It’s good to come. I heard that the betrothal gifts of Kang Wang has also been sent to you. It’s the best thing for you to keep yourself healthy. Don’t have any accidents worry about anything.”

“Thank you, Grandma. Yanran have learned a lesson and won’t go out easily… You can’t beat Qingran jiejie for someone invites in the palace!” An Yanran laughed.

The voice is pure and harmless.

As if she didn’t mind at all.

The old lady did not know, but she froze. “Who asked her to go?”

“Shu Guifei!” An Yanran says.

The old lady’s expression was doubtful. How could it be Shu Guifei?

No one came to tell her about it, and the expression on her face was not very good.

An Ranyue and An Yanran came out , An Ranyue doubts: “what do you want me to do?”

“In fact, there is nothing in it. But in General’s mansion, I have no one to speak. If I can’t find you, but who will I go to?” An Yanran had a bitter smile on her face.

“Well, you said just now that An Qingran was in the palace, but what happened?”

An Yanran’s eyes showed a slight cunning: “Of course, Kang Wang and I were framed things. You think, how can Shu Guifei tolerate her son’s wrongs, like me knowing clearly in heart but without any evidence than can only suffer mute losses…”

An Ranyue raised her brow and smiled: “That means, what did Shu Guifei find?”

“I dare not say that, but I heard some people talking about it. It seems that An Qingran has some interest in DongFang Yan and don’t know whether it is true or not!” An Yanran seems to be careless then covers her mouth. “Look at me, say what to do, but it’s just a matter of catching shadows*.”

Tn note: boundless accusation.

An Ranyue smelled her words and her face changed several times. Finally she said, “Isn’t she very close to the crown prince? How do like DongFang Yan?”

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“It’s all rumors. Maybe I heard them wrong!” An Yanran sighed and said. “She is the Di daughter of the General’s Fu. Whoever she likes will not be hard enough to get it.”

“Is that right? But in the end there is also a word in the world. I do not believe that no one has found her actions and no one can not control her! “

“Who cares? Now her father and mother are very fond of her. Grandmother also believe that and she does not believe me. You say, who else can manage her in the General’s mansion?”

An Ranyue head that silence for a moment: “Even if no one can manage her, if the DongFang Yan does not like it, can she take the initiative to marry a man? Or does she want to learn from you that raw rice can’t be cooked into ripe rice*?”

the rice is cooked—what’s done can’t be undone

An Ranyue finished saying smoothly, but saw that An Yanran’s expression was wrong and could not help but say, “I am not saying that you…”

An Yanran laughed. “Of course I understand that my jiejie loves me the most. She is closer to me than her own jiejie. How could she say that to me?”

Both of them talks for a while then An Yanran left.

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An Ranyue came back to the house with a grunt. Chu shi was accompanying the old lady to drink tea. The two concubines had already left. The old lady looked at the expression of An Ranyue and said, “What’s wrong? Yanran bullied you?”

An Ranyue shook her head: “Yanran is the best, how can she bully me?”

“Its An Qingran, I see this whole thing must be her ghost, she must have framed Yanran!” An Ranyue hurriedly says.

Chu shi immediately drank her off and said, “How can you say that? We are only temporarily in the General’s mansion. What we say and do can’t be criticized. Do you understand?”

The old lady waved her hand. “Let her speak out and see what’s going on?”

An Ranyue said, “An Qingran to enter the imperial palace invited by Shu Guifei because in fact Shu Guifei knew An Qingran frame thing and that she framed An Yanran . Because she liked DongFang Yan ….”

“What is the relationship between the two?” The old lady listened confusedly.

An Ranyue said, “Of course it has something to do with it. She spoil the reputations of Kang Wang and An Yanran . Then Ning wang will get the attention of the emperor. Isn’t that her purpose?”

The old lady frowned and said, “It’s a little far-fetched. Ranyue, Anyway, you have to be calm, understand?”

An Ranyue shook her head. “I hate An Qingran . Look at her eyes. It’s a very evil. I don’t know what she is thinking. In a word, it’s very annoying. I asked for a white jade hairpin last time and she refused to give it to me. I brought her a gift. Did she even know how to interact with each other?”

For this granddaughter, the old lady is the most beloved. So She did not bear harsh criticism. But today she is very strange how she said such unreasonable words, this is not her usual character.

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So, she sighed, “Ranyue, this kind of talk can speak in front of me and your mother . But don’t go out and talk nonsense. It’s not good for people to hear it!”

An Ranyue wanted to say something. Seeing her grandmother say so, she finally sighed and nodded. “Grandmother, I really think she’s an eyesore…”

Just as she said, An Qingran came in. She smiled quietly and saluted both the old lady and the Chu shi. Even she greeted An Ranyue with a greeting. No one could find anything wrong with her. Finally, she came to An old lady and said, “Grandma is looking for me, but something’s wrong?”

“I heard you went to the palace. But did you suffer any injustices?” The old lady asked kindly.

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