Rebirth of spoiled crown Princess Ch 117

Chapter 117 Actually crown prince!

The present situation frightened Rendong: “Miss, What to do now? I am going to find the General?”

“Wait! Help me to put him on the chair!”

An Qingran is very calm, because this is not the first time she has seen such a situation.

Although Rendong was amazed, but still did as An Qingran said. Two little girls struggled to put Dongfang Jin on the chair. At the moment, he was totally in pain and dizziness.

An Qingran immediately turned around and took out her needle-baked bag. She told Rendong to prepare wine. Rendong was in some troubled. If she went out to look for wine in the night, someone would ask.

An Qingran thought about it, put the needle on the candle and burned it. Then remembered the acupoint path that she had given him the needle last time. Last time it had some effect, I hope it will be the same this time.

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She steadily laid the needle, but had just pricked two needles. Dongfang Jin suddenly seized her hand with great strength. An Qingran held back the pain without making a sound and slowly broke his finger. Rendong looked at An Qingran and whispered, “Miss, he is a crown prince. If anything happens, the whole General’s Fu can’t accompany him. We should inform the General immediately and let him find a way!”

An Qingran whispered “Why do you think he came to me? Look at the wound on his shoulder. Would he come here if he had other places to go? If we quarrel now, even if the General’s Fu doesn’t want to get involved with him, we can’t, understand?”

Rendong nodded. She didn’t understand Miss is obviously younger than her. Why is it that she has such unique insights and can see the problem at a glance?

She felt she could only help.

She can do whatever she wants.

An Qingran saw her calm down and said, “Take the fine cotton cloth clean and then some fresh water. Damn it, I’ve run out of medicine today, only some cinnabar… I see he’s still sober, don’t calm down, just clean water, cut his sleeve off…”

Just at this time, there is knocking on the door outside again. Master and the servant, both of them look at each other in consternation and panicked.

“Who is it?” An Qingran said in an inclined voice.

“Miss, just now we heard a sound near here. Are you all right?”

It’s was the voice of little maid Juan Zi.

Rendong is her close big maid. The remaining six little maids usually don’t enter her house. They all sleep in the side room and are only responsible for cleaning and other affairs. Tonight heard the movements. In fact, it’s also the Dongfang Jin astired little. Otherwise, there are night watchers have already found .

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An Qingran thought of this said: “Nothing, just sleep later, you will not manage…”

Finally Juanzi did not say anything and returned.

Rendong wiped the sweat on her forehead. She held the scissors and froze for a while. Slowly cut off the clothes on his shoulder. The wound on his shoulder was not big, but very deep, reaching to the bone. Rendong almost vomited out. But looking at An Qingran’s calm face, she also calmed down.

“Miss, how can a crown prince get hurt? Is there nobody to protect him?” Rendong was strangely asked.

“This, I don’t know, but I know that he is protected…” An Qingran thought about it. This is what she wants to ask. Why does he just walk around, taking himself as a living target? Can’t he be more careful?

If this poison break out on the street, Any three-year-old kid can kill him!

But she believes that he is a smart man. He must know what he is doing. What she can do now is to relieve pain for him. But it is also treating symptoms and not the root cause!

The blood left on the shoulder was bright red. Rendong carelessly rubbed her hand. Just when she was about to collapse, An Qingran sealed her acupoints and took the things in the hands of Rendong. She bandaged up neatly. Although she seemed calm in front of Rendong, her hands were still shaking. Although she learned medicine,but she only tried this kind of exercise on Dongfang Jin’s body. It seemed that her medicine was specially learned for him. She saved him twice in a confusion!

But think about it, this is not a rescue. At most, it helps a little help.

After she had finished everything, she finally took a breath and sat opposite him.

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However, although he was hurt and pale, he was found to be more and more handsome recently. Just his tangled browd , as if there was something puzzling about him. And his mouth but purses austere , faintly is showing majesty.

At such an age, he already has a kind of domineering spirit. If he takes time, his future will be immeasurable!

It’s a pity that how far can his future go?

Her heart was aching. Such a crown prince made her feel more and more pity.

She was thinking that all of a sudden Dongfang Jin opened his eyes. A pair of starry eyes were so bright that he saw that the other side was An Qingran, and the alert in his eyes disappeared.

An Qingran saw him woke up, and handed the water cup to him: “Drink water. You’ve lost too much blood. I don’t have any medicine here,but I’ll bandage you for the time being. When you go back, you can’t be careless. Remember to use the knife wound medicine…”

Dongfang Jin saw and said: “You look like a doctor!”

An Qingran reached out and began to pull the needles out in his body: “This is not the way. My needle can only relieve pain can’t play a big effect no matter what…..”

Dongjin Jin got up and held her shoulders. The bottom of his eyes was a smile: “I am leaving, I’ll talk about it later….”

Without waiting for her reply, he turned around and left.

An Qingran ran after him and pulled out the last needle: “you are in a hurry. If you don’t pull out the needle, it’s not a joke!”

Dongjin Jin went to the door and turned to look at her: “My business, Don’t reveal it, understand?”

“I want you to say it?” An Qingran asked.

Listening to her, the smile on Dongfang Jin’s face became more and more brilliant. As if she had said a wonderful joke and finally left without saying a word.

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An Qingran looked in the dim light of night. His figure was so sharp that it was clear that he had recovered almost in a moment.

This poison is really strange.

Rendong whispered behind her: “Miss, you still close the door, do not let people see…”

An Qingran turned round and looked at the mess in the room. “Rendong, nobody knows what happened tonight, understand?”

“Miss, can this maidservant still not understand?” Rendong whispers as it tidies up.

An Qingran nodded and suddenly said: “Tomorrow, you go out, buy two rabbits back!”

Rendong, although surprised, still did not ask anything, just nodded.

As for the rabbit, she is not for playing.

It’s been a few more days.

The house is still calm and tranquil.

To An Qingran’s delight, her biaojiu wrote back. In the letter, he said that although he did not fully understand the condition of Dongfang Jin and what poisons he could not know specifically. He hated that he had something to do in the valley and could not get away from it. Therefore, only teach her a set of forced poisoning of acupuncture and moxibustion methods. No matter what poison, if applied correctly, it can also be forced out. if the poisoning is too deep, let him think of other ways.

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