Rebirth of spoiled crown Princess Ch 123

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Chapter 123: Coexisting in a Room .

She accompanied her mother for a while. Suddenly Hong momo said that someone visited. It’s Dong Ju and she held a large pot of Nantian bamboo. She said with a smile, “jiejie, this pot of bamboo is just placed in the outer room. When I came to my jiejie’s room two days ago. I saw that there was a pot of flowers missing in this place, so I sent them today! I hope you like it! “

An Qingran looked at the pot of bamboo. Glossy green leaves seemed to have just been drenched in the rain, swaying and dripping, which she could not help but like.

Although Lian Jinyu didn’t like these concubines in her heart, she couldn’t bear to reject their kindness. so she nodded: “it’s not bad, put it here. I like it very much!”

Dong ju had happy expression on her face: “jiejie likes it. It’s a happy thing to see that our General’s Fu going to have new baby.”

An Qingran saw this also didn’t say anything then she left.
She had nothing to say to her father’s women.

When she returned to Xiwu courtyard, she remembered that there was such a God in the courtyard and didn’t know how it was going.

Go in and find Dongfang Jin sitting on the chair reading a book.

That book belong to An Qingran.

He looked at her and said, “I didn’t expect you to read history books?”

“Historical books? Why can’t I read historical books? I don’t know what a woman like me should read in the crown prince’s heart? It’s just women’s records, privet and the like this?” An Qingran chuckled in front of him with pride.

“Well, I was wrong!” Crown Prince Dongfang Jin looked at the little girl in front of him and said with a smile,”Now what do you read, I won’t be surprised. Even I don’t know actually you are a doctor!”

“Well, there’s nothing strange about it. It’s just some medical skills. It’s incomparable with the people in Imperial hospital!” When An Qingran said this, she suddenly felt that she really didn’t believe that her biaojiu’s medical skills are the best in the world. That Imperial hospital have so many talents. How could no one be able to detoxify the crown prince?

The crown prince was poisoned. Of course, it’s the work of the people in the palace. Is there any connection between the person who poisoned and the imperial physician?

Otherwise, for so many years, the crown prince only continued his life. It’s hard to explain that the crown prince can’t able to detoxify in his life.

Besides, can the empress not worry about her son? Why doesn’t she visit all the talented people?

Or is she went visit them but no one can cure it?

Or no one dares to cure?

There’s no reason. The Empress is the mother of a country. She is loved by the emperor. Is there anyone else who can get power in the harem and surpass the empress?

An Qingran felt confused.

Perhaps, no one in the world are better than the jue qing valley in medical skills!

Seeing that she was dazed, Dongfang Jin continued to read the historical book. Two people think of each other in the room. None of them speak again. There was a rare silence. It made Dongfang Jin very comfortable!

He likes such a quiet time when there is no one to disturb him. However, the woman around him is also a worry free. It should be quiet and move like a painting.

This feeling is really good.

An Qingran has been very careful. She didn’t order too much at lunch. Just the usual amount and she put all the food in front of the crown prince.

The crown prince looked at the meal and said, “what? Don’t you eat it? “

An Qingran smiled: “I will go to have dinner with my mother in little while, now I will not eat!”

Crown Prince didn’t doubt it and eating the meal. An Qingran said to accompany her mother, but she didn’t go at all. Because her mother would be taking a nap at this time. She only walked in the mansion at will thinking that fortunately, the crown prince didn’t have to stay here for a long time, otherwise she would be really hungry.

Suddenly, she saw An Ranyue coming over with joy on her face. When she saw An Qingran, her expression was stiff for a while, but then she returned to her simple appearance.

An Qingran knows that Since the last white jade hairpin incident, the two people have been neither salty nor bland.

An Qingran knows that An Ranyue remembers revenge. She doesn’t care!

Reading at

This life does not know how, she will not forget the hatred of the last life!

In the last life, she and An Yanran together gave themselves what kind of humiliation. If she still acts like that in this life, she will not be polite.

“Jiejie, where are you going?” An Ranyue asked with a smile.

“Just walk around. Meimei, what about you? Where are you going? “

“Well, I looking for Yanran. She’s not happy these days. I am going to see! By the way, jiejie, my grandmother said last time, let uncle to choose good family for my elder sister. I don’t know that elder sister has a choice of person in her mind? “

An Qingran hears the words and chuckles in her heart. It’s also a poisonous and brainless one. She says: “I really can’t understand meimei’s words. Isn’t this woman’s marriage is all orders of her parents and the words of the matchmaker? Where is my trun to choose. Perhaps, meimei has been choosing her own husband? “

An Ranyue hated, she forgets herself for a while. She said thinking of Dongfang Yan. But she robbed her, and her face turned white with shame and hatred. She says:”It’s meimei’s fault. I didn’t expect sisters to chat in private. Jiejie also put on the appearance of a scholar. let the meimei learn!”

Reading at the

An Qingran said: “Non Taoist scholars also don’t care about things that are private or not private. However, the ancients have the idea of Self-discipline. When you are alone, you shouldn’t have the idea of crooked door and crooked way. Heaven has eyes, but Meimei have heard of it? Of course, I understand meimei ‘s good intentions. I think what happened to Yanran made everyone wary. So Meimei is afraid of being married to a bad husband, so she plans for herself? If so, it’s my fault! “

An Ranyue is told by An Qingran in this way, but she doesn’t know how to reply. She says with amnesty: ” Jiejie is careful here. Meimei won’t disturb.”

“That meimei is walking!” An Qingran said didn’t give way to her.

An Ranyue walked around her.

Don’t know what she scold. Ofcourse, It’s very low voice.

An Qingran pulled out a smile on corner of her mouth. She felt very happy.

Although she also warned herself not to show any hidden things. But when she saw the familiar face and thought of her poor child, her heart could not be calm for a moment.

Although An Qingran was very careful, she did not know that a spy is already had been placed in her courtyard.

Lan Xiao Ge.

Lian Jinrong looked at the little girl in front of her eyes and asked again, “are you sure?”

That little maid lowered her voice and said: “Although da Xiaojie seems to be the same as usual. But she doesn’t let us in her room . Just let the Rendong go in alone. There is a problem. Moreover, I saw that the Rendong was cooking medicines quietly. The slave slept late last night and vaguely heard the voice of a man in the inner room. This morning, I was afraid of hearing it wrong. I wanted to hear it again, but as soon as I was near the steps. I was scolded by Rendong and said that no one was allowed to enter the room when the young lady was in the room for retreatโ€ฆโ€ฆ What’s more, Rendong secretly buries something in the yard. It’s something stained with blood. Is it Xiaojie, Did she do something shameful? “

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