Rebirth of spoiled crown Princess Ch 124


Chapter124: Harbouring evil intentions.

When Lian JinRong heard this, her face showed an evil expression. She looked at the little girl and said, “Let’s talk about what other abnormal performance she has! I don’t want to make a mistake, you don’t want to be isn’t it?”

“Another thing is that this morning, Xiaojie asked for a lot of porridge. She usually didn’t eat pastries in the morning. Today, she also asked the kitchen to make cakes and pastries. She couldn’t eat them all by herself, but the bowls and plates were empty. Just now, when she ordered lunch, it was for one person. However, when the meal was delivered to the house, she came out. It seems that she didn’t eat it at all! This is doubt one, doubt two. Rendong’s expression is too careful. She looks like a thief. There is a little maid who forgot and entered into the room to reply. Rendong roared out, saying that no one can enter the room and scolding her for not having a brain. ” The little maid said and thought again, ” today’s weather is hot. isn’t it strange that the windows of her house haven’t been opened yet.”.

Her eyes were bright as if she had finally grasped the key to the problem.

Lian Jinrong hears and says, “come, reward.”

The little maid took the reward and left.

Lian Jin Rong and An Yanran look at each other and smile.

An Yanran jumped up and said, “I told you that An Qingran looks like a pure and virtuous women. Actually did such a shameful thing privately . Let you to frame me up. If this time you didn’t lose her reputation, I can’t get rid of my hatred!”

Lian Jinrong said, “keep your voice down. Don’t let the wind go out. Let’s think about it carefully. Don’t let her escape this time. Besides, who is the man in her room?”

“Crown Prince!” An Yanran suddenly said, “There is no one else except the crown prince. when she was in Yuehua temple, although I didn’t see it, but the crown prince disappeared at that time. We know that, right? She happened to be missing. Of course, she didn’t admit it. Even if she wasn’t missing, the crown prince’s yard and the courtyard she lived in are just a wall away. They must have a chance to meet each other. Last time, the note we sent to the crown prince made the crown prince alert. Anyway, if she really had something with the crown prince, it would be too bad. Mother, think about it again. whether to do this or not? If we really make her and crown prince’s business, is it not cheap for her? ”

Lian Jinrong thought for a moment and said: “it’s not necessarily the crown prince. What’s more, if we make her things real, she won’t become a crown Princess ,but just a Cefei and our goal will be achieved. Besides, the crown prince have a name outside. At that time, he won’t marry her!”

When it comes to this, the expression on An yanran’s face is awkward, yes, she is also a side Cefei!

This reminds her of the affair with Kang Wang, but also a hate, She was in love with her cousin, now it’s better, although she has become his Cefei, but in the end he has not forgiven her!

The two women are here discussing how to catch adultery in act. They have to make a big fuss on purpose.

Just at this time, An Ranyue came.

She pouted and was very angry. Yesterday at noon, when encountering An Qingran, she was taught a lesson about Self discipline , which made her not in the mood to find An Yanran. She went back to Beiyuan angrily and was not good to talk about it to others. After all, she was caught by An Qingran when she said nothing. Today, she wanted to open up. An yanran didn’t like An Qingran . Yes, some words are just right for her.

As soon as she entered the room, she felt that the atmosphere was wrong. She didn’t know what was going on, so she said with a smile, “Auntie, what’s the matter? Isn’t it who made Auntie angry again? “

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Lian Jinrong looked at her and sighed: “you say, Qingran this child. I’ve been treating her as if my own child. how can she be such a cold heart?”

Didn’t expect that her words just pierced the heart of An Ranyue, and she immediately said, “yes, she is stingy, she doesn’t speak to others. she doesn’t leave any affection for them. When I think of the last time she framed Yanran, I would report the injustice for Yanran. Who let us have no evidence, we can only swallow this tone.”

“I don’t mention that we have suffered such a great loss. It’s also our own misfortune. I thought that we should guard this child in future. But I didn’t expect that she could do such a thing!” Lian Jinrong said with a sad look.

“How? What happened? Why didn’t I hear?” An Ranyue was most curious.

“Mother, we don’t know. Why don’t we speak about it? Anyway, she is my jiejie. She may be merciless, but we can’t be unjust!” An Yanran pretended to persuade her mother.

An Ranyue is even more curious: ” What happened in the end, but I am anxious.”

“Let’s tell you, we heard the servants saying that there is a man in Xiwu courtyard!”

“Huh? There’s a man? Who is it?”

“Where do we know, but if it’s really her friends, it’s all right. Now thinking about it, I’m afraid that she is too young to meet and cheated by others. At that time, she will suffer losses for nothing, don’t you think?” Lian Jinrong said.

An Ranyue heard the eyes brightened and smiled twice: “There will be such a thing happening. Aunty , what are you waiting for? Why don’t you check it out. By the way, Let me tell my grandmother, let the elderly come and have look . Still believe her, she hurts yanran, even if there is no evidence, it can be considered as a even!”

“Don’t disturb her old lady, this matter has not been determined yet!”

“Then we go together and have look?” An Ranyue gathered the smile on her face. She pretended to be concerned. “Yes, don’t let her suffer!”

Lian Jinrong’s goal has been achieved. If this matter comes out, even if Lian Jinyu and An Qingran wants to hide it, the old lady will definitely know!

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Three people came to Xiwu courtyard together.

There are also a group of nannies and maid girls behind them, which seems to be a team.

Rendong is handling the needles at the gate of the yard. She sees a large group of people coming over. She doesn’t have time to inform An Qingran. Lian Jinrong is near: “what about your Xiaojie?”

“Second Furen, Xiaojie is in the room. If the second Furen want to find her, the slave will go in and inform Xiaojie!” Rendong is surprised to see their face color and shocked in the heart . There arrivals is not good!

Lian Jinrong didn’t talk when she saw it. She just pulled Rendong aside and went inside.

When the Rendong saw it, she ran over again: ” second Furen, isn’t Xiaojie doing something wrong? You can let the slaves do things, don’t be angry with yourself!”

Her voice is very loud, it means to send a message to An Qingran.

An qingran hears the words and comes out of the room. Then she closed the door herself. There is an alarmed expression on her face. She goes up and says, “Yiniang, I don’t know what’s the matter?”

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