Rebirth of spoiled crown Princess Ch 126

Chapter 126: Reduced to an acolyte

Lian Jinrong’s heart is full of hatred. The little maid dare not cheat her. It must be the man who left. So An qingran was calm. No, if she had been calm all this time, I would not be sure that someone was hiding in her room isn’t? Obviously, she was intentional just now, even her tears are fake!

But what should I say?

Actually let the General to see her true nature.

“Why don’t you talk?” An Zhongtao is shouting.

Lian Jinrong suddenly softened: “General. Qie also because very concerned about Qingran. Afraid that she’s too young to meet people and deceived. Listened to someone talking about so came here! General, if there is no rumor, how can qie will think of this… “

An Zhongtao shook his head. “Who is talking about? I don’t want to hear from you. Still remember the last time you blamed Qingran for gave some medicine. Obviously, you have a prejudice against her and now it comes out again…. I don’t want you to mess around in the mansion!”

“General, why don’t you think about it? Qie is wronged. If qie don’t have looked carefully , how can I come here for no reason? Isn’t it obvious that giving someone an excuse ?” Lian JinRong also tried to reason with him.

An Zhongtao just shook his head: “now, I don’t want to hear any word you say and I won’t listen it. Go back immediately and think about it behind closed doors!”

Lian Jinrong’s tears also came out: “General, we have been husband and wife for more than ten years. Don’t you believe me? I have done some things that to disappoint you in the past. I do this for a reason… “

An Zhongtao’s cold and fierce eyes passed. Lian Jinrong couldn’t speak the words any more, because she knew that he hates her very much now. He had never used such eyes to see her before. She only remembered his happy and gentle appearance on her, but she had never seen such a angry appearance.

Her heart was dark. Today she was planted in the hands of that little girl.

She knows that it’s no use saying anything else. She can’t hand over the secret little maid. If she said that, she didn’t know what to charge her. Maybe she would blame her for planting spies and so on!

She left dispirited.

An Qingran cried all the time. When she saw her came to the door, she stopped crying and looked at An Ranyue who was going to leave secretly. “Meimei, where did you hear that there’s man in my room?”

An Ranyue was suddenly stopped and said in a panic: “it’s from my aunt. She said there’s a man in your room. Let’s come…”

Speaking of this, seeing Lian Jinrong’s eyes, she said hurriedly, “I have something else to do. I will go first!”

An Zhongtao stares at Lian Jinrong and says, “don’t you get out of here?”

Lian Jinrong suddenly said: “yes, someone saw her secretly burying things, which can prove whether what I said is true or not!”

Just now, she should have said this, how did she forget!

Hearing this, An Zhongtao looked at An Qingran and ask: “What happened? Are you burying something?”

An Qingran shook her head: ” Father, I can’t understand what Yiniang is saying. I bury things? I planted two flowers… “

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“It’s something with blood!” Lian Jinrong seems to have obtained the imperial edict, which is totally different from that just now. Anyway, her bad name has come out, so it’s better to speak clearly.

“What has bloody things? Yiniang, how can you say that in front of… “An Qingran looks with ashamed ” Yiniang doesn’t mean…”

She said her face was ashamed.

How can An Zhongtao not understand? When he hears the words, he looks at Lian Jinrong even more angrily: “you are a mother and also you have a daughter. You still don’t understand such things.How can you say it in front of so many people?”

At this time, Lian Jinrong understood. She hurriedly said, “it may not be that. Should find a midwife woman to see if her virginity is perfect…”

An Zhongtao raised his hand and slapped her in the face: “what else do you want? From today on, your second Furen’s status will not be used any more. You will be demoted to one level. For the acolyte, the monthly support will be halved and the maids and nannies will be halved! “

What else does Lian Jinrong can say? She thinks she is so stupid that she can’t fight a teenage girl. If she wants to come, she has no grievance!

After Lian Jinrong left, An Qingran was still aggrieved. An Zhongtao thought it was inconvenient for him to be here, so he asked Lian Jinyu to stay here for a while, so that she could accompany An Qingran.

As soon as they left, An Qingran stopped crying. She looked at Lian Jinyu’s worried eyes and smiled. “Mother, don’t worry about me, I can think of it. Because the last time An Yanran’s things happened, they always hated me and thought it was my fault. So, it’s normal to frame me like this. I just don’t understand how stupid they are. Did they hear anything and come to catch adultery. They can’t catch anything, but they lose face! “

“Maybe they are crazy!” Lian Jinyu didn’t know how to describe it.

This Lian Jinrong before takes people to her house to catch adultery but now she brings people to An Qingran to trouble. Thinking of this, she says, “Did she arrange someone who didn’t finish the task? Or, daughter, you are so lucky that It doesn’t have to be dispersed! “

Mother can think like this, let An Qingran very happy. At least, she did not doubt why she was suspected by Lian Jinrong.

She did not know whether her father would doubt her after he figured out the problem!

Fortunately, today’s affairs are handled without fear or danger.

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In fact, she was really afraid that Lian Jinrong would go to dig the hidden things. Therefore, she quickly said it was her own menstruation and so forth. I think Lian Jinrong didn’t expect this!

Finally, all the people left. An Qingran sit in the room and looked at the Rendong and said, “We have spies in the yard. You investigate in private. Who is interested to work in my room these two days! I have a plan! ”

As she spoke, she smiled.

Lian Jinyu sat in her room and looked at the account book. After An Zhongtao came back, he looked at her:”Don’t worry about it. There are stewards for these accounts, isn’t it?”

“My body is not so delicate. If I don’t do anything now, let people laugh !” Lian Jinyu said with a smile.

An Zhongtao took down her account book and put it on the table. He raised his eyebrows and said, “who dares to laugh at the hostess of the General’s mansion?”

” Look at you, you’re so ecstatic again! “

“Of course I am proud…” Said, His big hand covered her belly, and his face was happy. “This time, you must give me a son. He is the legitimate son of the General’s Fu !”

Lian Jinyu frowned: “you, it’s too difficult to do this task. I can’t guarantee that I will have a boy. Do you dislike it when I have a daughter?”

She deliberately blamed.

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