Rebirth of spoiled crown Princess Ch 127


Chapter 127 Clearing the Yard

“How come? No matter whether it’s boy or girl. That is my An Zhongtao’s child. How would I dislike them? ” An Zhongtao said with a smile, “Just, I hope I have a son gave birth by you. He can get the inheritance of both of us. I don’t know how excellent it will be!”

Lian Jinyu smiled: “you can make people laugh!”

The voices of the two people are getting lower and lower, and what they say, outsiders can’t hear…

It’s needless to say how Lian Jinrong is indignant.

As for Xiwu courtyard, An Qingran stand on the steps and shouted for Rendong: “what are you busy with? Come here soon! “

Rendong came out from the side of the building and took a spade in her hand and said , “Xiaojie, slave is here!”

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“Come on, let’s hurry up. Don’t really let Yiniang dig things out. At the time, It will be lively!” As she spoke, she looked left and right, then the two walked back to the yard.

“Are you buried under this tree?” An Qingran asked Rendong.

Rendong nodded: “Although it is nighttime, but the slaves are not mistaken!”

Two people began to dig, but soon they dug up a pile of things. Then they carefully changed the thing to bottom of the wall and buried it and piled a pile of debris on it. After doing this, An Qingran said: “Rendong, now Yiniang thinks again something, she also can’t find here, you say!”

“Xiaojie is right!” Rendong said with a smile.

When the two returned to the room, An Qingran lying on the bed and half squinting her eyes to refresh her mind.She was also afraid. If Dongfang Jin didn’t leave early, it was really caught by Lian JinRong. In fact, the next night, Dongfang Jin left and she didn’t persuade him to stay. After all, this is not the best place for him to recuperate.

So on the third day, Lian Jinrong took a large group of people with her, as if she had got the best sword. She understood at first sight and pretended to be afraid deliberately. Indeed, those people were fooled!

Just thinking of this, Rendong came in and whispered, “Xiaojie, slaves have clues. Just now, the maid has been observing and found that Xizhu had been following us until we have buried something. Then, just now, she left quietly and went to the direction of Lanxiao Pavilion. At the door, she didn’t enter but came back !”

“Call her.” An Qingran said.

Xizhu came in, a girl the same age as Rendong. She only had eyes to pick out. At first glance, she was not an honest person. How could she haven’t noticed before?

It seems that I was too confused in my last life and I am not completely smart in this life.

And the blind side that she didn’t notice.

“Xiaojie!” Xi Zhu lowered her head as soon as she entered the room. “What is the order to slave?”

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Seeing her expression is still calm.

An Qingran didn’t speak, just staring at her from head to toe and found that her style of dress was better than the ordinary little maids. The eyebrows and eyes are all painted, and there is a hairpin on her head, which is worth lot. At least a little maid like her shouldn’t be able to afford it.

Xizhu is a little scared when she looks at her and finally said: “Xiaojie, what did the slaves do wrong?”

“How long have you been here?”

“The slaves entered the Fu at the age of ten, and served the Xiaojie three years ago. By this year, it is already Six years!” Xizhu replied.

“Six years, where were you before you served me?”

“Well, the slaves served the second Furen… no, it should be the acolyte now!” Xizhu said.

“Since then, Did you give her information? Three years ago, or recently? ” An Qingran suddenly said coldly.

Xizhu heard the words and was scared: “Xiaojie, the slaves don’t understand what the lady is saying.”

“Then you don’t know that Rendong and I just purposely acted for you, dug out some useless things and buried them. Actually, this work is not very good, Rendong!” An Qingran called out.

When Rendong came in, she looked at Xizhu and blushed angrily: “you girl, you are silent. Do you think no one knows what you are doing? If you admit now, or you can be spared a fight. If you still don’t say it, then think about it. What is the end for act against the Xiaojie. The second Furen can’t protect you now! “

Like this Rendong threatened her. That Xizhu already face all yellow, but she is still not lucky, they can’t catch evidence, so don’t open her mouth.

Rendong threw the bag that had been hidden behind her in front of her. Looking at the silver and jewels rolled out of the bag, Xizhu suddenly collapsed to the ground: “Xiaojie, mercy, Xiaojie, slaves deserve death…”

Xi Zhu kowtows and tells how Lian Jinrong find her and how to let her give the news. An Qingran looks at her scared face and thinks about how to deal with her.

“Xiaojie slaves said everything should say , Xiaojie spared the slave!”

An Qingran nodded:”Okay, later you went to butler and say your family is sick.They ask you to go back and take care of it. I let Rendong accompany you to say. later, you care yourself well! “

Upon hearing this, Xizhu’s eyes showed gratitude: “Xiaojie, is really so generous and kind. Slave is very grateful…”

“You know it’s a little late, Therefore, no matter how lenient or benevolent, you will not benefit any more! ” Rendong was so angry that she wanted to hit her.

An Qingran stopped her: “Pack up all her things, and give her the money of injustice. Then send it away. Don’t let me see it.”

After sending Xizhu away, Rendong was unwilling to say, “Xiaojie, did you let her go so easily? Why don’t you hand her over to the General?”

“Forget it, be lenient wherever it is possible. maybe I didn’t do it well enough, so I didn’t get her loyalty. Besides, if I gave her to my father, she would say something else, and we would be troubled!”

Rendong secretly admires Xiaojie’s thoughtfulness. In addition to this spy, An Qingran feels more comfortable. However, she did not know how Lian Jinrong arranged this person around her. so she makes Rendong be more careful at usual times.



The old lady asked people to prepare some more gifts for Lian Jinyu.

When she was preparing, Chu Shi came in at the same time. She said with a smile: “It’s thoughtful of my mother to think about it. But the weather is so hot. If supplement was too much, it would be too internal heat…”

She regretted it after she said it.

The expression on the old lady’s face did not change much, but said:”The child in her belly is the legitimate son of the General’s mansion. Whoever doesn’t pay attention to it is a fool!”

She suddenly said this, but let Chu Shi stupefied for a while. Her face blushed , as if she had done something wrong.

A moment later, she said, “yes, now the whole mansion is up and down . Even the atmosphere dare not breathe. This child comes at a very good time and everyone is very happy.”

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