Rebirth of spoiled crown Princess Ch 128

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Chapter 128: Is a matter of thought

The old lady’s face also show a smile: ” yes, it’s time to be happy. The female master of the family is pregnant. Everyone in the General’s mansion should be happy. If really I have a grandson , I don’t know what gift to give him?”

“However, the General’s mansion is his. I think this is the biggest gift left by his ancestors! “

Chu Shi’s face was stiff when she heard the words.

She looked at the old lady, but she could not see her thoughts. After a few words, she went back to her room. At the time, An Zhongyuan just woke up from his afternoon nap. Seeing that she was angry, he said, “who has provoke you?”

“Where is provoking in the end? It’s too late for me to be happy. The eldest son’s house is going to have his Di son. Mother is also happy with him. We are not happy. wouldn’t it provoke quarrel? As if we don’t welcome this child?”

An Zhongyuan sat up and said:” Why must it be a son?”

“Why can’t it be a son? Besides, this fetus is not, there is still a next child. I don’t know what you think in your heart about this one child. If someone else having a son, I’m very happy to be coaxed . The emperor will make a decree again. This is the General’s mansion and we are guests. You can still sleep! ” Chu Shi’s voice is a little loud.

An Zhongyuan’s face has changed a bit. He immediately got up and dressed and went out. Chu Shi’s said in the back: “Where are you going?”

“I am going to ask my mother for a word!” His voice has not fallen and the person is out of the house.

Hearing this, Chu Shi’s face angry has been reduced.

When An Zhongyuan came to old lady’s room, old lady already prepared the supplements. Just letting people to send them to Lian Jinyu. See him coming in and say : ” what is the matter? Just now your wife left and you came so soon. What can I do for you?”

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“Mother…” When he spoke, he let the maids go out and then said, “Does mother think of some methods?”

“What are you talking about!” The old lady sighed and sat down.

“The matter of the General’s Fu Di descendant!”An Zhongyuan’s face was full of anxiety, “if this child is born…”

“Why are you in a hurry? Like a flustered cat. You know although she is pregnant. But can be born or not, It depends on heaven’s will and her ability!” The old lady’s face flashed a trace of ruthlessness, which was totally different from the expression just now.

An Zhongyuan’s vision is also stupefied: “Do you mean?”

“I don’t mean anything. I’m just saying that there are so many concubines around her. None of them are honest. Do we need to worry about anything else? All we can do is watch them fight, yes, just watch the play! ” The old lady took a sip of tea and said, “And what happened to your own matter? It’s just a five product, but it can’t work! “

” This, son is working, but the ways in the capital is not familiar. I don’t know where to find a connection!”

An Zhongyuan sighed.

“You live in this General’s mansion. Do you need to find a connections outside? Let’s talk about it later! ” The old lady is overcast.

An Zhongyuan was very panicked at first. He did think of her words. He didn’t worry at all.


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An Ranyue was most frightened these two days. For fear that An Qingran would come to her trouble.

The last time she blindly follow the crowd and went to Xiwu yuan. When return back and let her mother tell as soon give scoldings. Because they need to be restrained and can’t let them on guard. She thought this matter was true, But she didn’t expect to be apprehend by the person together.

She felt very strange. An Yanran usually looks very smart. How can they do stupid things?If there is no definite information about such a thing, how can they make trouble?

Damn it.

It’s no wonder that they will be punished.

However, when she calmed down, she thought again that Lian Jinrong might not have received the news. But they were obviously calculated by An Qingran. At that time, she also thought that there must be a man in her house or she would panic!

The more she think about her, the more she feel that An Qingran can’t be allowed.

I’ll walk around her later. Don’t let her calculate for me one day.

She was also afraid that An Zhongtao and Lian Jinyu would be angry with her because of this incident. But it seemed that these two days were calm, there was no movement. Obviously, she was a small role, how could those people pay attention to it.

Such a thought is extremely unbalanced.

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Is it impossible to make calculations by yourself?


In Lanxiao Pavilion, Lian Jinrong is almost mad. She can’t find a place to scatter her anger. So she has to stay in the yard. She unable to pursue this matter neither she can’t investigate it. Maybe the little girl just act on hearsay but not sure about it. But she believes it’s true. Now she thinking, An Qingran, no matter what, she always will get married. Regardless of marriage is good or bad. Anyway, she will be always married off. If Lian Jinyu gives birth to a male, let alone she is a acylote. Afraid that there will be no chance for her to have a foothold.

Now the General is still seeing that she has given birth to xuan’er. If his Di son is born , where is her xuan’er going to get a chance?

An Yanran already had a certainty. Does she have any chance to perform in the palace of Kang Wang? It has to be after marriage. Now she can only count on this son! And Lian JinYu doesn’t give her this chance?

How could she forget this?

Lian Jinrong’s heart already has been struggling to come out the real fiery. For so many years, Is she destined to have a tragic ending from the day she was born?

She is a Shu born. Is she doomed to can’t lift her head her whole life?

She has become obstinacy. But she doesn’t know that sometimes being a Shu born or not is not the crux of the problem. If people only have the heart of harming others, then the heaven will not allow it….

Lian Jinrong doesn’t think about anything at the moment. She just wants to get rid of Lian Jinyu and the baby in her stomach. She doesn’t hesitate to fight for death.

She can’t let this little bastard come to this world.



Everyone is sitting together.

The old lady looks kind-hearted, and when she sees Lian Jinyu coming in, she immediately orders people: “Move a soft chair for Furen quickly. So, this is the beginning months, you should not walk to Beiyuan to have dinner with this old lady… “

Lian Jinyu said with a smile, “Mother, where am I so delicate. It’s not the first one. I have experience! “

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“Nonsense, although it’s not the first birth, but your years are not the same. You should be careful. Tell you that my old woman thinks this birth is a grandson. You can’t scare my grandson!” There was a angry smile on the old lady’s face.

Lian Jinyu looked at all the people present in the room. Her face became hotter and hotter. She said with a smile, “Mother doesn’t have to worry. Besides, I don’t think this baby is different. It’s not necessarily a man.”

“Anyway, I’ll tell you, now my old woman will announce a thing and you all listen! “

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