Rebirth of spoiled crown Princess Ch 131


Chapter 131: Kill the Di son.

After having a cup of tea in his chair, An Zhongtao was in a good mood. He said, “how about ? Is body any uncomfortable today? “

“Everything is fine today!”

“When I came back, I saw people carrying flowers. Does it smell uncomfortable? ”

“Yes, sometimes the flowers are too fragrant, but I don’t think it’s good. So I move them away, I won’t have to recruit mosquitoes!”

“Well, I thought, if you like, I’ll buy you some more!”

“No need. By the way, the General found the man behind the plundered one?” Lian Jinyu has always been thinking about this matter. What’s more, what’s in her flowerpot today makes her believe that the enemy may not be outside.

An Zhongtao shook his head and said, “I don’t think we can find out with the no prospect!”

If Lian Jinyu wants him to check his concubine, she has to say it However, An Zhongtao’s eyes were full of expression. He stood up and circled Lian Jinyu’s waist, attached it to her ear and said: “I always think of you this day, afraid that something might happen to you. When I see you, I’m relieved…”

“I’ve been very careful…” Lian JinYu said with a wry smile,” just be careful again, don’t have Qingran this child’s carefulness. ”

She finally said it.

“Tell me, what’s going on?” An Zhongtao doubts.

“Today I dug out musk in a pot of flowers…”

“What?” An Zhongtao’s eyebrows stand up when he hears the words, “who did it?”

“I asked Hong momo about the flowers. We already had it. How can we find out when and who buried them? There are people in my house all the time. There are not only people in the house, but also many people at the last party. How can I find out if there are still uncles and their families? “

“The guests will never put this thing, because you were not pregnant at that time, other people…”

An Zhongtao frowned. “Is it Lian Jinrong?”

“I don’t know who it is!” Lian Jinyu said, “During this period, many people sent things to my yard. Can’t remember them one by one, but she didn’t send flowers…”

She said that she also told An Zhongtao about the mixture of two potted flowers.

Anyway, it’s said that if he has any way or can find out who, it’s better to check together.

An Zhongtao hears the words and says: “Do you want to hide it for them? Talking about flower and mosquitoes when I get back! “

“I also don’t want you to worry about it. How can this family get into such a mess? I think it’s also my problem, attracting envy! ”

“I think it’s time to reorganize this family! Just you, you must be careful again. I find that Qingran this child, not only calm, but also have some ideas. You can let her come here often! “

“Yes!” Lian Jinyu said and stroked her little belly. Her face was sad. Before the child was born, how much jealousy did he get? She couldn’t help but worrying. The child in her stomach was not strong enough.

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An Zhongtao is very angry about what happened. The General’s Fu has been causing trouble all day long. He blames Lian Jinrong.

The thought of her was a real tangle in his mind.

She is absolutely a special thing, especially in bed, which he can’t forget. What’s more, she also raised a pair of children for him, which is a little credit and hard work. Otherwise, he would have taken her back to Lianfu!

That Lian Fu may not take her in.

So he kept his mind on everything.

But those concubines were jealous of Lian Jinyu. They were sincere to him. They could see it in their eyes, which made him hesitant. They couldn’t find it at all. Just know that Lian Jinyu’s decision is right.

Then this thing to let go.

Just more concerned about Lian Jinyu.

It’s a pity that she is pregnant, which makes him bear the desire all the time. It’s very hard.

An Qingran to the things in her mother’s yard. This time, she plays all her heart. It was the food she ate. It’s also crossed her eyes first. Fortunately, after a few days, her mother went to Beiyuan to have dinner with everyone.

The old lady had told her not to come, but since she had come, she had not ordered her to go back.

Anyway, what she did was just for others to see. Well done. If something goes wrong, she naturally will talk about it.
That day, Lian Jinyu felt a little uncomfortable. An Zhongtao asked the doctor to come. After the diagnosis, nothing happened. The child and adult were very healthy, just a normal reaction.

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All the people in the yard reacted to her discomfort. Not only old lady sent her supplements, The concubines also sent things to the room. An qingran just helps take care of them. Lian Jinyu lies on the bed and looks at these people. The expression on her face is not happy or angry, very calm.

Though she knew that any one of them might have done it to her in secret, what could she do!

Finally, Lian Jinrong comes and holds An Mingxuan in her hand. That An Mingxuan small age and looks good, but the behavior is a little timid, afraid that being long suppressed by his sister.

Lian Jinrong comes near and asks An mingxuan to say hello to his mother. An mingxuan comes near and kneels respectfully, kowtows and says, “Mother Jin’an!”

Although Lian Jinyu has opinions on Lian Jinrong and An Yanran, she still has nothing in her mind about this An mingxuan. She says, “Get up quickly and what kowtowing!”

She conveniently pulled up An Mingxuan, let him sit on the edge of the bed, holding his small hand and said: “Have you been reading recently? I don’t have time for you! “

“Back to mother, read some, If don’t understand something, the teacher also explain it! ” An Mingxuan replied respectfully.

“That’s good. If you don’t understand, come and ask your father or your sister. They can explain something to you. It’s my mother. I just know a few words. I understand something in principle. But if I change it into a book, it won’t work!” Lian Jinyu is modest.

Lian Jinrong said after her :”If jiejie can’t understand then meimei can’t even read a word it. But recently, meimei’s health is not good and doesn’t take care of Mingxuan. It’s always been Xi momo who taught him. Fortunately, he was very quiet and didn’t make trouble. It’s advisable to make trouble less! “

“Well, when he’s older, Let him learn more about horsemanship and archery with his father. The man of the General’s mansion should be good. If martial arts doesn’t understand, his father is afraid to be unhappy! ” Lian Jinyu said.

An Qingran thinks that her Mother is right. Her father is always good at martial arts, so she and An Yanran have learned Kung Fu.

My mother can say that, obviously, she didn’t regard Mingxuan as an outsider.

An Mingxuan suddenly said, “Does mother have a little brother?”

He looked up at Lian Jinyu with bright eyes.

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